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Comparing Debt Under the FY2015 Budgets

Budgets for the upcoming fiscal year have been released from the White House, House Republicans, House Democrats, the Republican Study Committee, the...

The Republican Study Committee's Alternative Budget

Just after House Democrats released their budget this w
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Congressional Black Caucus Releases Budget

Following House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-WI) budget markup last week and floor debate this week, the

Health Care Reforms in Chairman Paul Ryan's FY 2015 Budget

Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) FY 2015 budget achieves $3 trillion of its $5.1 trillion in deficit reduction over the next ten

House Democrats Release Alternative FY 2015 Budget

This blog has corrected the amount of Medicare savings in the budget.

Budget Scoring Proposals in Ryan's Budget

Although the primary purpose of a budget resolution is to set spending and revenue levels to govern the consideration of legislation by Congress, i

Taking the Long View on the Ryan Budget

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's budget would substantially reduce defi

Discretionary Spending in Ryan's FY 2015 Budget

Much of the focus in House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan's (R-WI) budget inevitably falls on the changes it it would make to mandatory spending,

Explaining Ryan's "Fiscal Dividend"

A new feature of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-WI) FY 2015 budget is assumption of a "fiscal dividend," which reflects t

How Ryan Gets to Balance

With the medium-term economic and budget outlook weaker than last year,